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laser treatment for fungus

Laser treatment applied to fungal nails, or onychomycosis, along with other treatments to speed healing

Biomechanical exploration applied to sport

Biomechanical studies applied to sports for both adults and children with the most cutting-edge systems

Foot surgery specialists

Solution of skin problems and bothersome foot deformities  by chiropody or surgical treatment

Laser treatment for papillomas

Diagnosis and treatment of plantar lesions of the  viral  called papillomas  or warts. 

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Podo Laser Podiatrists in Madrid

Taking care of the health of your feet

Podo Láser is a podiatric clinic in Madrid that has the support of a great team of highly qualified professionals in each of the specialties.

We treat and diagnose all kinds of foot ailments, as well as those derived from sports injuries, possible deformities or plantar papillomas. Our service also offers specialized treatments for nail care, in order to combat different discomforts, infections, inflammations or trauma.

The specialists that make up our clinic have extensive experience in the podiatric sector and have the necessary training to offer their service as professionals.

We know first-hand the causes, surgical techniques, diagnoses and treatments that should be developed in each case, and we have the most pioneering machinery for it. We constantly adapt our technology to offer the latest qualities in service.

Specific and personalized treatments

Our podiatry clinic in Madrid is a space where innovation and excellence when it comes to caring for patients is always present. We offer our closest treatment and a completely personalized service adapted to the needs of each patient.

Are you looking for a podiatrist in Madrid ? Podo Láser is a leader in the sector, offering a multidisciplinary service and guaranteeing the maximum efficiency of each of the treatments developed.

Take care of the health of your feet, and do not hesitate to put yourself in the hands of the most professional for it!

Frequent questions

Our staff will solve your doubts, since we have a close and accessible team.

Current treatments

At Podo Laser we use the most current and scientifically proven technology for all our treatments.

Qualified professionals

The clinic has fully qualified collegiate staff in the Community of Madrid.

Podiatric Clinic in Madrid

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George C.

I went to this podiatrist because I had to have an injection in my ankle to continue with my sports activity. It was super fast, painless and the doctor is super nice.
The clinic is well located and accessible. There is usually a place to park between streets.
Highly recommended.

Alexandra R.

Jessica is a great Podiatry professional and her treatment is excellent. Had to treat my daughter for a painful and complicated ingrown toenail. At all times he kept my daughter calm with a very sweet treatment. I have returned for a fungus and I have found the same professionalism and good treatment. I would not put my feet and those of my family in other hands

Alonzo O.

The podiatrist is very friendly and close, she explained to me with the ultrasound the fasciitis that I had for years and I am delighted with the insoles that she made for me!

Thank you!!!!

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