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Surgical podiatry and foot surgery

Foot surgery and surgical podiatry in Madrid

Definitive solution for all the most annoying deformities produced in the foot, such as claw toes, hammer toes,  mallet, exostosis, Morton's neuroma, ingrown nails,  papillomas...

At Podo Láser we have an operating room regulated in Health to perform minor surgery under local anesthetic.

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Clínica de podología quirúrgica en Madrid
Podología quirúrgica: Uñas encarnadas
Ingrown toenails

Definitive solution for onychocryptosis or ingrown nails...

Podología quirúrgica: Exóstosis ungueal
nail exostosis

Intervention of the bony peak produced with local anesthesia

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Podología quirúrgica: Papiloma plantar
plantar papillomas

Solution for papillomas or recurrent plantar warts.


Solution of Hallux Valgus deformity or painful bunion in the operating room

Podología quirúrgica: Neuroma de morton
morton's neuroma

Surgery for morton's neuroma, Joplin and other nerve entrapments

Podología quirúrgica: dedo en garra
claw fingers

Solution of deformities  in claw of the lesser fingers.

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Podología quirúrgica: Biopsias

Analysis by Pathological Anatomy of the lesions produced in the foot

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Solución de la deformidad de Hallux Valgus o juanete dolorosos en ámbito de quirófano

Podología quirúrgica: Juanetes
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