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foot and ankle ultrasound

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An infiltration consists of administering a medicine in a certain area of our body by means of an injection, in order to have a local action, limited to the area where it is deposited. It differs from the usual injections (intramuscular injections in the buttocks or shoulders or subcutaneous injections such as heparin) in that the latter type aims for the administered medication to be absorbed by the body in order to obtain a generalized action.

The effectiveness of an infiltration depends enormously on the precision with which with the needle we reach exactly the injured area to deposit the medicine there


Among the many advantages of ultrasound-guided infiltrations, the following stand out:

  • Achievement of a higher healing rate (by precisely depositing the medication in the damaged area)

  • Greater speed in the action of the medication (less infiltrations to be carried out)

  • Need to administer a lower dose (by not having to fill a large area with medication)

  • Minimal complications derived from the "prick" by avoiding damaging nearby vessels and nerves with the needle or on the way to the injured area

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