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Plantar fasciitis?

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Fascitis plantar podologo madrid
Fascitis plantar fotografía

At PODOLASER , we carry out a biomechanical study applied to injuries in adults and children.  From a sports approach to injury prevention or recovery

fasciitis  o plantar fasciosis is known as an inflammatory process in the plantar fascia.

In acute cases (1 month from the appearance) the treatments that we will apply will have the objective of  deflate the fascia (Orthopedic insoles, stretching...).

When the pain lasts more than 3 months we speak of a chronic degeneration and therefore we will assess other options. (Collagen infiltrations..)

And lastly, surgery.  

We will perform an initial ultrasound in which we will assess the fascia tissue , degeneration and thickness. Later we will perform control ultrasounds to assess the evolution

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